Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Snow!

Once again, we've been spending our time hiking, learning, playing and exploring! Cora is so much fun and curious and excited about everything!

Hiking in the first snow!

It was freezing at the top! Thank goodness for Kiki!

We are still bribing Cora with ice cream for potty training. It's working pretty good!

Walking through Schwarzenburg with three toddlers on bikes, two mamas, two strollers,  two dogs, and one baby. It was an exciting disaster.


Little baby Amelie smiled her very first smile at our house and I was able to get a photo of it! 

Hanging out, exploring Bern.

Bad day.

Riding the carousel with her friend Lilly at the monthly outdoor Schwarzenburg market. 

Taking a break from playing soccer in the ally behind our house. We need a proper backyard!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scooter Videos and Such

Scootering around Schwarzenburg

Cora got a new scooter last week! Besides hiking, birthday parties, playing on the playground and riding bikes, Cora has been taking Schwarzenburg by Scooter Storm. Here are a few photos, but first she has to show off her pretty new sparkly shoes that light up with every step she takes!

Basically ... awesome in every way.

And there she is ... the new pink scooter in full view. A great option since she is still a bit too small for her bike.

Two thumbs up for scooters and slides!

Jumping around at the top of a mountain last weekend with her buddies Meghan and Zoe.
I think every mountain needs a jumpy playground at the top.

Little hiking squad!

Meghan, Zoe and Amalie's pretty momma, Kirsten.

These two are trouble!

We fit four kids, two dogs and four adults into a little gondola to the top of the mountain. It got stinky.

Riding in another gondola!

Bike riding with the family through pretty Schwarzenburg.

Loving on daddy's old stuffed animal, Tiger.

Walking through Bern after play group with Meghan.

Baking cookies!

She was teaching Kiki how to go down slides here.
Kiki was brave and went down without crying.
Scooter, scooter, scooter!

Showing off her cow girl boots to the cow, who is a cow, and a girl,
but is not wearing boots. Confusing.

Friday, October 2, 2015

September Videos

Playing, playing, playing!

Last week the Jamesons stopped by to visit for an incredibly fun few days. We had an awesome time showing them our little Swiss life, loading the girls up and shlepping them around Bern, the Alps and Schwarzenburg for some fun filled adventures. Cathrine Lu and Cora play very well together and although there was never a quiet or dull moment, we all had such a terrific time (however, I think Tanner was a bit terrified and hid under the kitchen table most of their visit)!!

Besides having our great buddies here for a few days, Cora and I have been busy doing our thing - play grounds, play groups, play dates!

She's getting so big!

Hot dogs in Bern with Meghan and Zoe!

Kirsten with little baby Amelie!

Story time with adorable Brazilian Ceci.

Arts and crafts!

Fun new umbrella!

We love having Daddy back home!

Morning cartoons!

Not ready to get up.

After a few days of rain out come two rainbows!

Traveling the world in style.

The Jamesons stayed with us for a long weekend, and we had such a great
time showing them our favorite spots in Switzerland!
Sherpa Daddies!

Gondola ride with Catherine Lu!


The Gurten playground, which I think was designed for daddies.

Stroller dads.
Getting strong!

Baby coffee date with Ceci before English playgroup.

English playgroup chaos, somewhat contained for a photo!
Sleeping bunnies.

Tiny dancer!