Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cora's Crawling and we are Moving to Switzerland!

Between trying to clean out our house to put on the market July 1st and prep for our move to Switzerland in October, our lives are crazy, but we are also enjoying Cora so much right now! She is starting to crawl around and is so full of energy. I spend countless hours watching her discover how our exciting world works. From realizing she can wave, to figuring out that if she drops her toys over and over again I will still, grudgingly pick them up for her, to crawling far across the room to grab a handfull of Tanner's hair, Cora is inthralled with everything! 

Buddy and Pooh Bah are back and have been such terrific babysitters while we are at work, and they are helping us so much in getting our house ready to sell. Thank you!! We really couldn't do it without you two and are really enjoying your company.
Below are a few fun photos from the past couple of weeks!

Sleeping Little Angel 


Overseeing yard work.

At Power House!

Tina came to visit!

Cora and Sam at a Community School party.


A photo Nat took of where we will be moving!

A photo I took of where we will be leaving :(
Cora and Buddy.

Cora and Pooh Bah.

First Water Mellon! Yum!