Monday, September 29, 2014

Adventures with Buddy and Pooh Bah

Buddy and Pooh Bah stayed with us for a couple of weeks this month, and like always, it was wonderful having them!! They hadn't seen our new place here in Schwarzenburg yet, so it was fun showing them around our little town. We also took some fun day trips - we hiked around Zermatt, visited our national park behind our house, tromped around Fribourg, explored a cool canyon, and played at playgrounds all over the place! Cora was busy soaking in everything and Pooh Ba and Buddy taught her to say all kinds of cool new words, but I think "Mini Mouse!" is her new favorite word because she associates Mini with her brand new awesome Mini Mouse Halloween costume, which she adores!! 

It's quiet and lonely now around here without them, but we know we will see them soon!! Thanks for a great time :)

Seems as if we can't avoid living in places without livestock clogging the roads!

Parked in the car on the car train headed to Zermatt.

Nat's Heaven.




The McGee's!