Monday, May 25, 2015

Potty Training and Muddy Puddles!

Cora is finally embracing the wonder and satisfaction of pooping in a potty! Such a big girl, I'm so proud.

She's going to kill me for posting this photo some day, hahahaha!

And here is what we did the rest of the weekend- ate, made goofy faces, played in muddy puddles, hiked, and played!

Cora thought Tanner needed two Kikis. He wasn't stoked.

Hiking around out house through the Rape Seed fields and cows.

My church.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cora does Provence!

Cora, the world traveler continues her amazing travels! This past week it was just a little jaunt to Provence. Nat had a long weekend so we packed the car with bikes, clothes, a dog and a toddler, booked a last minute room in an amazing Chateau in Apt, France, and off we went. Nat and I took turns between playing with Cora at the Chateau playground and mountain biking on the great dry trails around the area. In the evenings we explored the cute little towns, drank glorious local wine (juice for Cora!) and ate some delicious French food. 

The room in our Chateau was a renovated stone and wooden stable, and included a little dining room and kitchen. Two swimming pools, a play ground, a pool house full of games and toys and lots of land for Tanner to run and play were available for us to use on their property. Not bad for a last minute Airbnb booking! No one wanted to leave when it was time to go. It was adorable, and the entire trip (besides a terrible traffic jam home) far exceeded our expectations of a little weekend getaway. We will be back soon, I have a feeling!! 

Our chateau! 

Downtown Apt, France
Poppy fields and vineyards, my heaven.

Playing in ruins.


Gardening envy.

Cora enjoying Freedom Fries in France.

Next year's Christmas card photo?? I think its winning.

Exploring dessert trails.

I feel so at home here! Nope, it's not Utah! It's France! Crazy world, full of trickery.

Western Colorado??


So good for my desert soul.

And so good for my wine loving soul.

And bam. We are back home to long days and brutal buggy rides to the grocery store. 

And cleaning up the travel disaster. Urgh.

But Mini Mouse helps me.

And then we paint.

And the rainy world of Switzerland is good again.

Back on the daily train to play groups and such, with of course no shoes or socks.

Our lunchtime view today.

And, us bored on the train today.