Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grape Vines and Sunshine

A couple weekends ago, in a desperate search of sunshine, we drove to southern Switzerland for some reprieve of the rain. Not only did we find sun, but we found some beautiful vineyards as well! We all loved exploring these beautiful hillsides and Cora enjoyed running laps around the rows of vines while we tried to keep up!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Soccer, "Kiki" and First Pair of Running Shoes

Cora is enjoying 21 in style - soccer games, playing with friends, new running shoes, hikes, and lots and lots of playing and learning!  She is talking quite a bit more now too, and point things out from afar (like, "tractor," "bus" or "cow") and it will always take me a minute to figure out what it is that she is looking at, and then, sure enough, there it is. She has started referring to her blanket as "Kiki" for some reason, so we mostly only hear "Kiki" and "Mommy" all day long.

Cora's best bud Lillian and her family are moving back home to Canada at the end of August, so we have been spending quite a lot of time with them before they depart. We sure will miss them, they have been a life line for Cora and I in this unfamiliar land since meeting them six months ago. They have taught us so much about the area and the ins and outs of Swiss expat living. I am so profoundly happy we met in the midst of my hardest time here yet, and we will really miss their friendship and support. They will be moving to British Columbia though, so we are hoping to stay in touch and see each other again once we move back to the states, if not sooner!

On a happier note, Cora had a quick heart test done as a follow-up to a tiny hole that was detected in her aortic valve when she was first born (a possible cleft issue). She still has a bit of a murmur, but there is now no hole and she has a perfectly strong, happy and healthy heart. What a huge relief that was - I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. Yippee! 

Here are some videos of Cora running for joy over her healthy heart 
(and because she loves her new running shoes!):

Apparently she does not like pictures so early in the morning!

She spilled the treasured American Cherrios my parents brought over for us all over the dirty bathroom floor. Sad day for mom.

Hiking in our "backyard."

Hiking so fast I missed her face!

Taking goofy photos of ourselves- what we do when it's rainy and can't go outside to play.
Celebrating Swiss National Day with an American Car.

Nat, holding an angelic doll version of Cora on the train.

Tired mom holding real live crazy Cora on the train. 
New running shoes!!

Eating machine.

Wanting to go play and run.

Hanging out in Bern.

Picture of our house. We are on the top floor.

Soccer Game with Lillian!
Loving all the noise and crazy people!

Really going to miss this little family.