Tuesday, September 15, 2015

August and September Videos!


Cousins, Preschool and Turtle Bath Goggles.

These last few weeks since we've been back from Norway have gone surprisingly quick! Coming back to our slow pace of life in Switzerland usually takes some getting used to, but very soon after we arrived home Laura and Michael came to visit, which was great fun. We took them hiking in the Alps, toured around with them through Fribourg and Bern, and showed them our day to day life in our tiny little town. We had so much fun but their visit went too fast and before we knew it, they were packing up to go back home. We loved having them here!!

Shortly after they left, Nat left too for a 15-day work trip to Columbia, Costa Rica and the states. Ugh! Too long! But Cora and I are keeping as busy as we can with play groups, trips to the gym, playground adventures, morning runs, trips to Bern, etc, etc.

AND big girl Cora started her first day at preschool (called Spiele Grouppe) here in Schwarzenburg. For now, it's just one morning a week for three hours. If she adjusts well and loves it (which I'm sure she will!) she might start going two mornings a week. They take everything regarding kids and their adjustments to new environments very slowly here in Switzerland, which I suppose is a good thing :)  At her play group they sing songs, read stories, play and do crafts and it is all in German! She did fabulous her first day and jumped right in. I'm not sure just how much German she really understands, but she does know the difference between German and English and she understand that the kids speak German at play group and at the gym day care, while mommy speaks English. I've heard her say a few German words (zusammen and tschus) and I'm excited to see how her German vocabulary begins to develop and grow! Hopefully learning another language and just throwing her right in with the wolves will be a good experience for her little developing brain and won't frustrate her! 

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks:

Back on the train in Switzerland!

Night walk, and covered in bug bite medicine. The bugs are TERRIBLE here!

Being silly at Meghan's birthday party!

Taking in the view of the Eiger.

Story time!

Helping mom pick out new glasses.

Ice Cream! (I'm still bribing her with ice cream when she uses the potty.
She's getting quite good at potty training now, so we are eating quite a lot of ice cream these days.)

Pretending to be a baby.

Laura and Michael arrive and we take them directly to the playground!

Trekking through Murren.

Cora left her Kiki by the car at the beginning of this adventure, so it was an exhausting hike for all of us.

"Walking" Tanner.

Loved having Laura and Michael here!

I think she likes taking pictures!

The edge of the world!

Watching cows go by with Michael.

Cool kid.

... and a new Beahm photographer is born!

Tiny tour guide!

Painting pictures for the cousins!

Saying goodbye :(

The day after Laura, Michael and Nat left, we were pretty sad so I bought Cora a trike.
Although my back is a bit ruined from pushing her, it has been so much fun! 

Playing at the "Pink Playground." We have no idea why she calls it the "Pink Playground."

Tanner, trying desperately to make some space on the rug.

Showing off her new cowgirl boots.

She still naps sometimes in her buggy!

We visited my friend Kirsten and her three girls in the hospital!
We loved meeting little baby Amelie!

Killing bugs.

Playground time out.

First day of preschool! She was so excited it was hard for me to take a photo!

Turtle goggle baths are the best kind of baths.

Bedtime snuggles.

Cora's bedroom view.


To be completed at a later date ....