Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The final count down ....

We are beyond stressed and busy with the move, but I figured uploading some photos would be good therapy. Cora is as cute as ever and so fun and animated!! She's getting another tooth in the upper left next to her two front teeth. If they come in pairs I sure hope this pair comes in before our plane ride mid October!  

Nana also came to visit for a bit, which was wonderful. We miss her so much but had a great time while she was here. 

Also, Cora is starting to take some steps, AHHHH! She took her first two steps in a row when Daddy was home for a quick break in between his crazy travel schedule this month. She was showing off to her Daddy :)  I'll try to get this on video soon. For now, here are a million photos from the past couple of weeks.

My sleeping angel.

Hanging with Nana!

Don't leave Daddy!

Helping mommy pack.

BATH TIME!! Cora's favorite!

Riding the saddle! 

Ninja move.
Stealth new rain slicker for European travels. 

Hanging with Henry

YES, I bought Cora a cage. Feeling a little guilty!

Trying to take dad out with the bunny.

Power House shenanigans with Cora's crazy aunties.