Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Ski Day, and other fun stuff!

At 16 Months, Cora strapped on her very first pair of beautiful black and green Lucky Bum skis, ripped off her hat and shades, and hit the slopes like a crazy wild child. She loved it and I have a feeling we are looking at our future favorite ski buddy :) We are so pumped! 

Playing with her huge ski poles!

Showing off her super cute new pants and trying to wear mommy's back pack.

Cold, hungry Cora.

Playing "puppy" with Tanner.

Her new baby buggy! Basically, she just chases Tanner around with it all day long before throwing her animals in the bathtub or toilet.

This is how you are supposed to play with this toy, right?

Ya, I know, I need to cut her hair but I'm scared of gouging out an eye. 

Saying hi to Dad who's in God-knows-where Central America right now. 

Brushing Tanner.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sick House

We've all been sick the past couple of weeks which has slowed us all down quite a bit. Despite our nasty colds, our friend Erika, a fellow soccer player and Community School teacher who is living in France for the semester, came to visit us for a bit. It was great to have her here to help us out and also motivate us to get us out of the house! 

Besides showing her Bern and hiking up to the Gurten, last Tuesday we took the train to Interlaken for the afternoon and enjoyed playing in the sun next to the big beautiful mountains.

Poor Cora has had a bad virus with a runny nose, eyes and ears. Yuck. She also has a pretty bad cough, but all we can do is lie low. Good thing Tanner is the best pillow ever.

Erika on a stump on the way to the Gurten.


Pretty forest by our house.

Watering Hole for the Gnomes.

Helping Daddy!