Monday, June 23, 2014


For a last minute little weekend get away, we decided to drive a couple hours to Chamonix, France and rent a hotel room for the Summer Solstice. I've always wanted to visit Chamonix, and it was quite lovely! Made me wish I had spent a summer (or a year) there after college to climb and ski. Cora, Nat, Tanner and I had a great time hiking, exploring, and enjoying all the free Summer Solstice festivities downtown in the evening. It was a great, quick little weekend trip! 

Our hotel view!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hiking, playing, swimming and NOT sleeping.

We know summer will zoom on by so we are trying to make everyday count and do something fun whenever we can. On the weekends we've been hiking in the Alps with Dad and on the weekdays we've been playing in the sandbox (I'll take some photos next time), going to the Koniz swim park (again, I'll also take some photos next time), riding the train to Bern and back (Cora loves our cute train- she sits in her own seat like a big girl and we watch for cows, goats, and sheep.), going to play groups, playing with her friend Lillian and Lara, and taking Tanner on lots of runs and hikes around our new cute town. 

Apparently, much to our dismay, there is a thing called an 18-month Sleep Regression, which Cora is now suffering. She does not go to bed right when we put her down like she used to, and then she wakes up once or twice a night screaming like a wild woman. Urgh. Apparently, the 18-month Sleep Regression happens when kids are starting to learn new things or are hitting new milestones. I am hoping she is suffering from this torturous sleep cycle because she is going to start talking up a storm here soon (currently she says Mama, Dada, Ball, Anner, Uh-oh, No and Fishy). I'm also hoping her sleep disruption isn't due to our house ghost ...


She loves Nutella!

Cora and her friend Lara from the first floor. They play together well, although I have NO idea what she ever says to me in her thick baby Swiss German babble.
I promise, I do feed her!!
Our view.

The train. On the way home from swimming.

Testing out Cora's new bike seat. Once she gets a helmet she will be on the move all over town!