Friday, November 28, 2014

November Days

Since Daddy came home, we've been playing with him as much as possible and keeping busy in the cold grey November weather! Not a lot of excitement has been going on, besides fighting a couple little colds. When we are not out on walks or at the playground, Cora loves playing inside cooking in her new kitchen and drawing. Every morning we try to either go into Bern to playgroups or to the kid center at my gym to stay busy.

Three favorite new Coraisms: 
1) She says "Bless You" after she, or anyone else coughs. It's so cute.
2) She repeatedly says "Mommy has blue eyes, I have blue eyes and Daddy has blue eyes too!" (Even though he has blueish-green eyes, it's ok).
3) Tanner and Cora are becoming inseparable. Now, whenever we go ANYWHERE she asks, "Tanner come too?" Then if we leave him behind she gabbers on about Tanner until we are back at home.

Playing with her Austrian-Swiss friend, Lilly.

Riding the train up at the Gurten!

Cora is showing Daddy how it works!

Baking cookies with our Scottish friends from play group.

She was happy to be out of my American Women Club's Thanksgiving celebration.
Reading on the train.

Sleepy Cora!

November Videos

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two-Year-Old Cora Facts

Since I lack physical baby book skills, and this seems like an appropriate milestone to document Cora's life, below are a smattering of two-year-old Cora facts:

Height and weight: Still small and skinny! She hasn't been weighed in a long bit, but I guess she weighs about 25 pounds (she still has tiny adorable bird arms but a huge Budda belly) and she comes up to the bottom of my hip when she stands next to me. Very scientific.

Favorite books: Green Eggs and Ham, Goodnight Moon, Little Children's Music Book, Hop on Pop, Knuffle Bunny, Go Dog. Go!, and of course, the ever bizarre, Mr. Dog.  

Favorite new words: Nein, Balloon and Cocoon.

Favorite activities: Swinging, reading, walking Tanner, cooking in her new kitchen, taking the train, drawing, hiking, running in her running shoes, swinging, going down slides, climbing up slides, taking baths, watching her Mickey Mouse movie, waking up before the sun to snuggle with mom and dad.  

Favorite foods: Yogurt (she would eat this all day if I let her!), fruit of all varieties, ravioli with tomatoes and zucchini, avocado, turkey meat, fancy swiss cheese, scrambled eggs, bratwurst, cookies and ice cream.

Favorite toys: Her new kitchen, her Legos and her new coloring table.

Favorite thing in the world: Her blanket! Followed closely by cookies, Mom, Dad and Tanner. 

Here are a few more videos and photos from the past week:

At the Zoo- There really is a bear back there ...

Ready to work out with mom's new weights!

Balloon Room!!

We miss you Daddy! Come home soon!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Cora!

I can't believe my sweet, sassy, smart, silly, adventurous and amazing little Ziggy Schnelle Maus is already two! She brings so much joy to our lives, it is unbelievable!

Although Daddy had to be gone over her birthday (so sad!) the three of us celebrated before he left and had a wonderful day riding bikes, going to the playground, opening gifts and eating cake and ice cream. 

In celebration of her actual birthday on Friday, Cora and I had an incredibly fun birthday party at our house, which was such a delight! She had quite a few little friends and their moms come over to our house to play in the balloon room, make sensory bottles, draw, play with her toys, run around, eat lunch, have cupcakes and create general adorable chaos. We felt so lucky to have our new Switzerland friends over to celebrate with us!!

Olivia and Aran!
Craft time!

Floor chaos!

Cute little Zoe!

Little Mini waiting for her candle!
Her adorable little buddies.

More cuteness!
Presents! So fun!