Monday, October 27, 2014

First Bike!

For her second birthday, Cora received a new bike!! We gave it to her a bit early, but we couldn't wait to play with her on it! She is still a bit too short to push herself on her own, but by the spring I know she will be scooting around all over town!

Last week, Cora also had her year follow-up appointment from her surgery, and according to her mouth surgeon, her ear surgeon (she has ear tubes), a dental surgeon, an orthodontist, a dentist, a speech pathologist and a hearing pediatrician (it was quite a crowd!!!) Cora seems to be doing just fine and they are really happy with her results. Phew, what a relief. She might need braces and perhaps a palate and jaw lengthening surgery when she is 12 or so, but they aren't certain. For now, she is in the clear for another couple of years until she needs another assessment. 

Besides doctor appointments, we hiked a little this week, played at play groups, made necklaces and had fun!

Cora's many necklaces. 

Cooking with mom. She loves to watch me chop stuff.

Our morning run.

Bored in the waiting room.

Waiting for our train home, having some dinner on the go.

New Bike!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A few videos from the past little bit ...

Swiss Kiddo

It's amazing to think we have been here in Switzerland now exactly a year, today. Although the days sometimes are long, frustrating and hard and there are times I think "How in the world am I going to entertain this crying baby the entire day by myself before Nat get's home?" the days and weeks have quickly turned into months, and now, it's been a whole year since our move. It's been quite the crazy ride, that is for sure. I'm hoping this next year we will be able to get into our stride here, and fully enjoy this beautiful country. 

The past couple of weeks have been full of days going to the gym or into Bern on the train, reading books, playing and hiking outside as much as possible, doing art projects (she loves to draw on anything, especially her hands!) going to play groups, eating, growing and learning new words more and more every day! Cora is starting to really put together sentences now, which is pretty cool. I think these next few years of watching her development will be remarkable. 

Here are a few photos from the last two weeks.


Above Bern!

Indoor Camping!

Cora and Lara, our downstairs neighbor.

Running - right before taking a hard digger on the cobblestones.

Face paint day at the gym daycare!

Playing at the park.

Weekend hike with mom, dad and Tanner.