Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for Friends

Nat was away for two weeks after Cora's birthday, so to pass the time we made sure to pack everyday full of exciting adventures. Our most fun adventure was having a slumber party at Meghan and Zoe's house, while their daddy was away for work too. 

Meghan and Zoe are moving back to Wales the end of this month, so we were sure to pack in as much time with them as possible. We will really miss them, but are already planning on a trip to visit them in early spring at their home by the sea on a "Tale of a Whale" as Cora believes:

Here are a few more videos and photos from the past week:

Packed up for an overnight adventure!

Slumber party!!

Buddies, bikes and doggies. Teaching Cora the art of adventure travel!


Picnic time. (Baby Amalie looks like a doll!) 

Playing at the Gurten.

Pretending to be a monster.

Beautiful November hike.

Capital building.

Tired after adventuring! 

Playing trains - she LOVES her pink train!

First snow at our house!

Meghan and Zoe's going away party.

Every year Bern has a huge Onion Festival where the streets are full of vendors,
confetti throwing children, music and madness (for Switzerland, that is)!  Cora loved it!

And Daddy came home right it time to play!

Story time with Daddy.

Saying goodbye to Meghan and Zoe at playgroup :( 

We will miss you two!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Birthday in the Alps

Happy Birthday Cora!
On November 7, 2015 the day after her awesome birthday bash, Cora celebrated her actual third birthday in the mountains hiking, singing and playing around with the family. My dear friend from preschool, Annie Herzig also arrived in time to share Cora's special day and came along for the journey into the Alps!  

Annie was able to stay with us for a few days, and it was beyond wonderful to catch up. We hadn't seen each other in years, but it was as if no time had passed at all. And of course, Cora LOVED Annie - her creative energy was so much fun. We hiked, explored Bern and Friborg, played with Play-Doh, drew, watched Frozen, played trains and sang lots of songs. It was a grand old time!

Daddy had to leave again for another long journey to South America, but luckily we have been keeping quite busy with Annie here and planning activities almost everyday. The weather has been fabulous so we have been taking advantage of being outside as much as possible. What a great week it has been!

It was a remarkable birthday in the Alps!

Nap time.

Daddy relaxing before a two week journey to South America.

Mermaid Cora.

Chubby Cheek Day! Right before she has a growth spirt,
her cheeks get really chubby. It's adorable.

Perfecting her soccer skills. I'm so proud! 

Riding the train with Annie!


Hiking with Annie while Dad is away.

Our beautiful "backyard."
Annie the cow whisperer.

(This was taken a couple weeks ago, but didn't know where else to fit it in!)