Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Videos

Nesting Time!

While Cora anxiously waits for "her baby" to magically "pop out," we are slowly nesting and settling into our new life in Golden.

Most importantly, Cora started preschool three afternoons a week at a cute little Montessori school down the street from Nat's office and she loves it! Between daily yoga, painting, art projects, counting and story time, Cora wants to go to school everyday! School wears her out (an incredible feat), and it also gives me a few precious hours a week to take much needed naps.

We've also been spending some quality time with Nana and Papa, as well as Aunt Marisa who just came in again for a quick weekend trip. It is incredible and so valuable to be able to see our family so frequently!

Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park with Nana and Papa.

Beautiful Colorado!

After our weekly library story time, we read our new books by the river and have a pick-nick.

Ice cream break!

Piecing our new house together slowly ...

A rare night out to celebrate our anniversary. 

Hop scotch queen.

Getting through the heat with our WT swimming pool!

Playing by the river.

Playing at our local playground.

Family pile!

Our stuff from Switzerland finally arrived! 

Exploring Georgetown, a little mountain town where I would like to live.

We LOVE Aunt Marisa!!

Teaching Cora how to do my cousin's yoga videos.

Our nightly walk (or waddle) to the playground.

First day of school dance!

Breaking the rules with daddy.

Hanging out with Porter and Ruben at a brewery.

Can't really believe these two are dads!

Nana has been here to help this week and we love it!

I'm basically just huge, grumpy and miserable.

We live in a beautiful area!