Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rocking Around Switzerland

The last week or so we've been busy. After about 3 months of searching for a more permanent home here in Switzerland we finally found an adorable, renovated old victorian attic apartment in an old house (built in 1890!) located in a cute little town about 35 minutes outside of Bern, called Schwarzenburg. Apparently, the difficult tri-fecta of having a dog, a baby and being a foreigner is a tough sell to rent an apartment in this semi-racst, close minded, crowded, but beautiful little country. No discrimination laws exist in this place, that's for sure!! Oh well- although this place is much further out than we were hoping, it is cute (but small!) and we love the owners, who are part American. 
We will move in May 1st, which incidentally is when Cora and I will be in the USA (sorry Nat!!!). Nat will move us and then when Cora and I return we will make sure the old place is cleaned up when we return.

On another note, I am more excited than ever to head back to America for a month- Colorado, Idaho, Colorado again and then to Tampa, for many much needed visits with all those I love and miss dearly.  I'm very, very nervous flying with my little wiggly-worm, but I can only pray that she behaves and is good. Otherwise, there might be a lot of Benedryl in her future and a lot of Whiskey in mine ...  

Here are a few pics from the past week:  

View from our morning poop walk with Tanner.

Photos of our new (possibly haunted) renovated attic of an 1890's Swiss victorian home:

The attic deck.

One view of the little village. Think about the movie "Chocolate" without the river or beautiful Johnny Depp (sigh).

The entry way. Probably will soon be filled with shoes, dog hair, gear and toys despite my every attempt for it to be tidy. 

That's all for now!! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Worm Loving Jaber-Wokie

Late last week, I picked Cora up from the day care center at my gym and right when I walked in she looked up at me from playing with cars and loudly shouted, "Momma!" and ran over to give me a hug. It was pretty cool.

Later that evening on our way to look at yet another apartment (finding a permanent place is becoming quite the grueling feat in this land of no discrimination laws) Nat came around to take her out of her car seat she waved and said, "Daddy!" We are so stoked and can't wait to hear more and more of her adorable little words.

This past week we have been slowly getting back into our groove after an exciting week in Italy.  It was Cora's first visit to the ocean, and although it was chilly, she loved watching the waves and playing in the sand. She also had fun playing with her little Irish buddy, Aran, and hanging out with mom or dad while the other went for a mountain bike ride. Honestly though, I think her very favorite thing about Italy was throwing pebbles in a little drain outside of our little cabin. She was fascinated with the sound it made and did that for hours.

In between hunting for houses with us, Cora has been having so much fun exploring everything and her new favorite things are worms! She even has a sign language sign for them which is wiggling her finger around on the palm of her other hand!  So cute.

She also now knows where her nose, ears, eyes, hair, toes and belly button are! Such a little smarty.

We go on hikes in the woods almost everyday with Tanner and she is fascinated by the texture of trees and bushes, the sounds of all the birds, the colors of all the pretty Swiss flowers and she loves to watch bugs and bees fly all around.  She's also still a fantastic cook and will pretend to cook away the afternoon while I also cook and do chores before Nat comes home.  Yep, I'm enjoying this '50s Haus Frau dynamic for the time being :)

Belly Button!


Toilet Paper Mis-Hap.

Playing at the Gurten with Tanner and buddy Lilian!

Embarrassing, but adorable, bath tub photos!