Friday, February 19, 2016

Austrian Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend we celebrated our birthdays in Innsbruck, Austria with our wonderful friends Adam and Kristina. We drove the four or so hours together in a very official looking Scott Sports van (which made us feel very sporty and important) and stayed in a lovely hotel in Hall, Austria, just a bit away from Innsbruck. 

We skied, enjoyed the beautiful hotel spa, treated ourselves to some delicious Austrian cuisine, rode some "fun"iculars and explored Old Innsbruck. 

Cora had a great time tagging along and loved being the center of attention. She is also getting a lot better on her skis and is finally figuring out how to balance and go by herself a little bit. Teaching her how to ski is becoming just as fun as skiing on my own, which is pretty cool! I think by next year she will be cruising! 

Here are a few photos of our February, as well as our trip to Austria! 

Skiing Grindelwald for my birthday!

Smelling mommy's birthday roses!

Patti's 2nd Birthday Party was a blast. Cuteness overload.

Family night time pile.

I love that she still sleeps on the train so I can read!

French fry face in Austria!
Pretending to be a mountain shark, of course.

Soooo tired. 

The Birthday Boy and his favorite dessert from growing up.

The crew!

Kristina overlooking Innsbruck.

What a beautiful city!

Making Daddy open his gifts!