Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rice Cereal! OH BOY!

Exciting news in Cora world- she has been starting to eat rice cereal mixed with breast milk every evening!  We aren't sure how much she's actually eating because most of it ends up all over her face, under her double chin and on her clothes! But, it's fun to try and we are hoping once she catches on she will start sleeping longer and perhaps let us sleep through the night!

No more teeth yet, but I think there must be one or two on the way because she keeps fussing and grabbing her mouth all the time.

We are having fun playing a lot more, and Cora is LOVING her little jumpy thing, which is great for me too so I can have a few minutes to do my thing (like clean the house, write this blog and work!).

Here are a few photos since last time:

Saturday morning Movement Class!

Food Face!
"Not so sure about this food stuff ..."

"Saturday morning with Daddy."

"Daddy dressed me today!"

"My teeth hurt!"

"When Dad is gone Uncle Ian helps put
me to sleep at the Power House."
Big Blue Eyes!

Day Care with Miss Ruth, Cora, Sam and Sadie.

"Ready for my walk!"

"Hanging out while mom pumps!"

"When Dad is gone, Mom makes him talk to me
 in German on speaker phone until I fall asleep."

Our guard dog who steals baby toys.

Ahhh, nap time!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing, growing, growing!

Life's been busy, Cora keeps teething and none of us are sleeping. We are all ready for some warm weather and some sleep. Hopefully soon!

Besides continuing to teeth (I think she has another one coming in on the bottom right) Cora is becoming a little squirm-bot. She is wiggling and moving and scooting and rolling all over the place. She's also eating like it's going out of style and I'm just trying my best to keep up. We are breaking into our frozen supply pretty good too, she must be growing, growing, growing!! I think we will start solid foods soon, which might help her sleep better at night too.  

For now, here are a lot of photos from the last two weeks:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Five Months!

Yesterday Cora turned 5 months old!  Amazing!! At 11 lbs and 6 oz, she is cuter then ever, but is cutting more bottom teeth (she already has her two bottom front ones) and is so fussy and upset lately.  Poor thing.  

Cora also started day care with Miss Ruth last week, where she goes Monday through Wednesdays.  Ruth watches one other little boy named Sam, who is darling and is three months older than Cora. Sam is such a happy, smiley little boy!  Ruth is GREAT with the kids, and works really well with Cora and her special bottle.  It's really, really hard leaving Cora with a stranger, but Ruth is great and I go visit Cora on all my lunch breaks to check in on her.
Really, I think Cora is fine, I'm just the one that needs snuggle time and miss her like crazy :)

Here are a few photos and videos from this past week.  

Miss Ruth Day Care
Grocery Shopping!

Playing with Henry!
Bath Time!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Colorful Colorado!

Welcome to Colorado, Cora Azalea!  

The Rio, Horesetooth, The Pickle Barrel, CSU & 2342 Valley Forge Ct. are only a few of the awesome spots 
Cora experienced and visited this week in momma's hometown of Fort Collins. She was so happy to visit (and meet!) with some of her very favorite people!

The Beahms came down from Nebraska the first part of the week to meet little Cora, and she loved them so much (including their adorable dog Oliver!).  

Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike came later in the week and spent lots of time teaching Cora about beer and other crucial life lessons.

Nana and Pop loved snuggling and playing with little Cora as much as they could. Nana and Cora take some great naps together! 

We've had such a wonderful time and are already so sad to say bye to everyone :(  It always goes too fast.


The Beautiful Beahms.

Dad hooked us up on an awesome tour!
Easter Baby Bunny 

Snoozin' with Pops!
Packing up!