Monday, December 23, 2013

A Few Videos

Here are a few videos from the past little while that might make you smile:

Sunday, December 22, 2013


It's been a long, tough week. Cora is doing great though and is recovering like a champ. She sure is a tough cookie. The day of the actual surgery was hard, to say the least. Waiting through the surgery was awful- it was only about three hours but it seemed like an eternity. 

We were able to be with her when she came out of anesthesia which was nice of them to let us be there, however, I don't think they realized her crazy strength. When she awoke, Cora was like a wild beast. She was bleeding and fighting and choking and generally freaking out on the OR table. After I had a minor freakout myself, Nat and I helped hold her down on the table while the nurses stabilized her. It was horrible. But, (with the help of my singing, of course) they were able to calm her down and then I held her for about 12 hours straight while she wimpered, cried and then slept on and off. It was one of the hardest days of my life, but she did very well and was honestly better in a couple of days. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how quickly she healed and we actually were able to go home from the hospital early. 

Everyone in the hospital ended up loving Cora (of course) and we were a little sad to leave our German speaking nurse friends. It only dawned on me when I couldn't understand and communicate with one of the nurses one morning that not too many people would let their baby have a major surgery in a foreign country where they didn't know the language. It was a little scary at times because I didn't always know what they were saying to me, but the hospital was amazing. The Swiss healthcare is great- they are extremely patient centered and very trusting of patients and their families. The doctors and nurses were very patient and kind and always had time to talk. Also, unlike hospitals in the states, the food is terrific and they almost force you to open your windows "for your health." It's amazing. 

The first few days and nights home have also been tough- Nat and I are totally exhausted and Cora has been in a lot of pain and just wants to be held all of the time. There hasn't been much sleep for any of us, but every night is getting a bit better and Buddy and Pooh Bah have been over helping all the time (thank God!). 

On Sunday, Nat, Cora, Tanner and Buddy and Pooh Bah (who were a HUGE help this past week!!) and myself needed a break and went on a little day trip to a tiny town in the Alps called Murren. It was a beautiful town, and a much needed getaway for all of us. I was a bit nervous taking Cora out, but she loved it and we all had a great Sunday riding the trams up the steep mountains, eating traditional Swiss fondue and tromping through the adorable old town. 

Thank God this week that I have been dreading since the day Cora was born is FINALLY over. I am just crossing my fingers her recovery continues to go smoothly and that she recovers well. 

Cora the day before surgery.

Playing at the hospital before go-time.

Post Op.

Poor thing … it was so hard for all of us.

She started eating solids a day after surgery. Such a trooper.

Instead of our weekly dinner list, this is what took it's place. Our new motto.

Our Sunday adventure. 

New mouth!!

Tanner came too and hid under the table :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Waiting Day

The knot in my stomach hardens and grows as the hours creep closer to the impending surgery. I should sleep- Cora is pig snorting away in her sterile cold medical crib and I'm cuddled up two feet away in my creaky cot. My eyes are so heavy and tired from the stress of "the waiting day" where there is nothing to do but worry, pray, fret, clean, pack, repack, hold and kiss Cora to pieces and worry some more. I know she will be fine, but it is all so terrifying. Strange how when I worked at the hospital and casually greeted people when they arrived, I didn't fully understand the entirety of the scared, overwhelming sensation hospitals bring. I was so incredibly and blissfully unaware of how hard it can be, especially on the families.

Anyway, I should try to rest. We will be up again at 3:00 a.m. for her last bottle. She goes into surgery at 10:00 and can't have anything (water, etc.) after 8:00. For as much as she loves to eat in the mornings, combined with the nerve-wracking wait during surgery, tomorrow might be a nightmare.

Okay stomach, time to please unknot for the night.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Expat Puppy!

Tanner is here!!! Although suffering from a little jet lag and mild relocation confusion, he made the long trip (accompanied by Buddy and Pooh Bah) just fine and is happy and healthy. We are over the moon excited he is here with us now :) And having Nat and Barbara here for a little while to keep us company and help us out with Cora's upcoming surgery is so, so wonderful too! We are a lucky bunch right now.

Besides all the excitement of our new visitors, we have just been busy continuing to adjust to our new and very different life over here. Cora had her first visit with her new pediatrician over here, and at a little past a year she weighed 16lbs and was actually on the weight chart at 4%! Yippee! She is also in the 25% of height. The doctor said she is healthy and doing great and was VERY surprised at how well (and how quickly) she could walk. He said she will probably be a very good little athlete, which is great considering Nat and I will no doubt make her come with us on some crazy adventures down the road.

Here are some photos of the past week.

Christmas Market!

Big Foot Baby.

Little Friday Bern Parade. Why Not?