Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Idaho, Colorado and New School Adventures!

Cora began her first hurrah at Georgetown preschool a couple weeks ago, and of course, she loves it! 

Her school is only a ten minute walk away, which is just what we were hoping for when we envisioned a nice place for Cora and Kai to live. Her school hours are long - 8:00 to 3:30 - but it is only Monday, Wednesday and Friday so it is completely manageable.  I try to treasure her days home with just Kai and I, because before I know it, she will be gone EVERYDAY! On the other hand though, she not only loves school, she very much needs it. She is a little sponge soaking up everything, and while also trying to keep Kai alive, I can't keep up entertaining her and teaching her everyday, all day long. School is awesome for all of us!

Currently, she is very excited about space, planets, bones (she has been obsessed since she broke her leg), how the human body works, painting, and how leaves change color. She's also constantly asking me the big questions like: "Who made the Earth?" "How are babies made?" "What is past space?" "Why can't dogs and cats have babies?" ...  I'm now open to any answers anyone who is reading this may have. 

While back to school has been great, we also had an amazing summer. We camped, hiked, rode bikes (almost daily), played in the rivers and lakes, went to Idaho for a couple weeks (where we did even more of all the above!!) and generally played outside as much as we could.

Here are some photos of the past couple months:

Playing in our local Georgetown lake.

Family bike ride around Crested Butte.

Cora's first bike race!! She was the only girl and did awesome!

Visiting our dear friends Adam and Kristina and their new babies Soren and Penny. Cora and Penny hit it off instantly! 

Dad rock!

So sweet.

Tricking Kai into pushing her around. 

Wonderful Idaho time!!

Zach and Cora! 

Obsessed with playing in mud, while wearing tutus. 

Sweet story time. 

Eclipse viewing. Unfortunately, she didn't think it was as cool as everyone was making it out to be.

Playground stop after school!

Zoo time!

Celebrating Kai's first birthday.

Teaching Kai how to drive mom crazy at the market.

Walking home.

Couch forts!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Biking through summer!

Cora continues to adjust to change like a champ. She has embraced our new house and hometown of Georgetown, Colorado incredibly well and loves it, possibly as much as Tanner does! We are slowly making new friends through story time and spending time tromping around town. One of her new best friends, sweet Katie, lives across the street, who she gets to play with on the weekends.
A few days after Cora got her second cast off, she hopped on her big girl bike (her pedal bike) and hasn't stopped riding since. She is getting really, really good, it's crazy!! We ride at least once a day and she loves it.

We have also been busy going to Fort Collins seeing Nana and Papa and Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike, who's came to visit recently. It was so wonderful to see them!

Cora continues to be the best big sister ever and watches out for and helps take care of Kai everyday. They really are the best of buddies and it is awesome.

I also promised Cora I would buy her a kitty when she broke her leg, so we recently welcomed Lila Ravioli (named by Cora, or course) into our home. She is a sweet, but a bit crazy, kitty and we are all falling in love with her.

Below is a story in photos of what we've been up to the past couple months!

Goodbye Golden house! 

Tanner loves his new home the most!

Best playground in America- and it's a five minute walk!

Our new home in Georgetown! 

Showing Kai his new turf.


Bike tours through Georgetown.

Fierce Face!

Anticipating the Georgetown train ride!

Yay! Trains with Papa!

Kitten snuggles. Welcome to the family, Lila Ravioli.

She will rule the world one day.

First skid mark!!

Overload love.

Lee Martinez Farm!

The Bristows came to visit!

New sleeping bag.

Our nighttime walk along the river to the lake. (Look, no cast!!)


Weekend hikes with daddy!

As I said before, she WILL rule the world someday.

Fourth of July Parade through Fort Collins. Cora was the youngest (by far!) riding with no training wheels! So proud!

Exploring old museums in Georgetown.


Hiking around Mt. Evens while being bike support for Uncle Mike.

Aunt Marisa is here!!

SO much love!

Local watering hole. 

Happy Summer.

Deck cage!

A chilly rainy Swiss day.

Happy Birthday Aunt Marisa!

Exploring with daddy. 

Cora's Lake!