Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cora's a Big Sister!!

Cora is a big sister!! As I hoped and imagined, Cora is the BEST big sister. She is caring, kind and an incredible helper! She adores her brother so much and the pride and love she has for him is magical. Although a bit heavy handed at times, Cora's still learning how to be gentle with little Kai, but she is getting better everyday. She has hardly shown any signs of jealousy, but she bosses me around most of the day, telling me how to take care of him correctly, which is pretty adorable.  

Before Kai arrived Cora was already in love with my bump and would kiss it all day long and talk to it. They've had an incredible connection from the very beginning, and I hope it continues throughout their lives. Cora, at least, can't wait to show and teach Kai everything she knows, especially how to ride a bike, how to draw shapes and how to make letters (which she's really into right now).

Besides Kai, Cora has been busy with school three afternoons a week, swimming lessons (which she LOVES), riding her bike, playing outside and exploring Colorado with her family. She still misses Switzerland, especially the trains, but loves being here close to family. Plus, she really likes being able to understand all her classmates who speak "Human" and not German. Cora has been through so much change this past year, and we are so proud of her!! Best big sister ever!

Playing outside, waiting for the baby!

A bumpy ride!

Fun festival in Evergreen.

Still waiting for the baby, at the Denver aquarium.

Cora's first moment with Kai. She was still in her pajamas since she had to come to the hospital with us!

First terrible family photo!

Playing with Nana- she did a lot of this after Kai arrived!

Cora vs. Kai

Reading with Papa.

My best feeder!

Cora "helping" with Kai at 2:00 a.m.

Telling Kai life lessons.

Playdoh time with Pooh Bah.

Poor Kai. Good thing he's tough!

Stories with Pooh Bah!

Cora in charge of the kid pile - Eloise, Kai and Matthew.

She made him smile first!

The best little helper!

Our mornings are slow ... lots of snuggles.

Walking to the park.

So big!!

We love Aunt Marisa!

Cora's first pumpkin patch!

First swimming lessons! She is a natural fish, like her momma.

Also a natural cyclist like her daddy.

Bouldering in Boulder!