Thursday, March 2, 2017

Milestone: Chair Lift

Last weekend while we were in Aspen with Buddy and Pooh Bah, Cora took her first ski lift ride with Dad. She liked it so much she did it three times! I'm so proud! 

Cora's also been busy painting and learning her letters and numbers at school, playing with Kai, "helping" mommy with Kai, playing with friends, doing gymnastics and riding her bike. Whew! She still has endless energy so any activity is quite a blessing.  

Below are a few photos of us just doing our thing over the last month or so. These long, but special days are zooming by ....

Skiing with Dad!

Morning snuggles.

Teaching Cora that getting bruises while playing is really, really cool.

View from above our house.

Picking Cora up from school.

Art projects with Nana!


We try to get together with Kathryn and Erin and their kids a few times a month. Here we are terrorizing some restaurant. 

Nat was out of town for my birthday so we spent it in Fort Collins with Nana and Papa and it was lovely!

It's been crazy warm here so we've been able to ride bikes a lot!

Loving Daddy.

Love my little dare devil!