Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Are You a Cow?"

The last two weeks was wonderful because Nana and Poppa made it all the way over to come visit us! It also just so happened that my parents came to visit over my dad's 60th birthday, so it was extra special. While I work on more photos and an entry from their visit, for now, this is my most favorite video yet that I must share right now:

Friday, July 11, 2014

20 Months and Growing Like a Little Monster

Cora is 20 Months already! Wow! My little running machine is growing like crazy and getting taller everyday. Thank goodness she is sleeping more, but still wakes up here and there. She can now also kind of say "Please," "Blue," "Bubble," "Apple," "Thanks" and we are working on "Nana," and "Poppa" because they are visiting tomorrow!! We are very, very excited to show them around our little part of the world. They have not yet been over and we can't wait to take them to see our favorite parts of Switzerland. It's been rainy and cold the past couple of weeks and we are ready for some wonderful company!

Here's a few videos and photos from the past week. Happy Friday, and Happy, Happy Birthday to Buddy!!   

Our backyard neighbors.

Shopping at Ikea. Oh boy!

Hiking in our "backyard."

Riding the train with Baby.

Some cool old chimneys. 

Our Train!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Exhausting Busy Bee

This past week Cora's been BUSY playing with her friends (mostly Aran and Lillian), climbing on everything, riding bikes, watching World Cup soccer, painting, playing dress up, visiting the zoo and visiting the Bern mountain climbing museum. Last week she also contributed to Global Herd Immunity by bravely finishing all of her shots! Hooray! Cora is babbling constantly, still not sleeping a whole lot and is getting stronger and feistier everyday. She is quite the dare devil, always climbing on EVERYTHING, running at full speed all over, and wanting to do and see all she can. Our little sponge is awesome, so fun, but quite exhausting too :)  That being said, it's time for mom to have some wine before the evening events of making dinner, feeding the family, bath time, doing dishes, reading stories, then finally, wrangling Cora to bed and crossing our fingers that she might sleep all night long once again ... 

Soccer princess.

Playing with Daddy.

She seriously ran next to me up and then down this hill at about the same speed I run it. Tanner seemed very confused.

At the zoo! (The Bern Zoo is kind of lame and her favorite animal was a lost orange cat - seen in the background on the left. Ha!)

Running with Lillian!

Riding with Daddy!

She's a little climber! This is today's new feat ... all day long ...