Sunday, August 25, 2013


The day we returned home from Colorado, a huge fire erupted VERY close to home. After spending one day too close to the fire, Cora, Nat, Tanner and I fled to Mackay, Idaho to take refuge at our friend Mollie's house. Although we were all a bit unnerved that our town was possibly in flames, it was a pretty fun time. 

(Currently, the fire has died down quite a bit and is now almost 80% contained. Only a few structures were burned, but our trails will be charred for a couple of years.) 

After hanging out in Mackay for a couple days we headed home to a smoke filled house to do some cleaning and then hit the road again to travel to Bend, Oregon to visit our friends Sean and Jill. We are loving Bend and don't want to go home tomorrow!

In between the fire evacuation party in Mackay and our trip to Oregon, Cora had her nine month check up. She is still tiny, weighing 14 lbs and 6 oz, but is still 25% on the hight curve and is gaining weight at her own little perfect curve. 

Visiting Lee Martinez Park (before the horse tried to eat her foot).

The fire from our front porch. Yikes! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Colorado Adventures

Cora took her first plane ride last week to visit Nana, Papa, Aunt Cindy and Laura in Colorado.

She did okay on the first flight to Salt Lake and was really excited when the plane took off.  Her face was glued to the window, straining to see every last detail like she had never seen anything cooler! But, during the second hot, crowded and stuffy flight, she cried quite a bit. After dealing with crying babies for years of traveling, I guess it's finally my turn to have my own .... and I swear I will NEVER glare at a mommy with a screaming child on a plane again (unless they are a toddler who is kicking the seat over and over again). Hopefully our trip to Europe will be easier with both Nat and I with her and I'm sure a larger plane will be better too.  

During our trip to Colorado, Cora and Clara met Erin's new Charlie. Charlie is adorable, and at 6 lbs, 9 ounces, I can't believe Cora was that small just a short time ago. 

We all went to lunch and then played in a cute little water fountain in Erin's neighborhood. Cora was obsessed with a stream of water, and couldn't quite figure out what was going on, even after she dunked her head in it a few times!

Laura and Cindy drove all the way down from Nebraska to visit with Cora and I for a few days, and it was great. We went to a farm, played a lot at home, went out to eat and spent some quality time catching up. I still LOVE that Cora and Laura have the same adorable nose wrinkle when they smile - makes me so happy :) 

Cora also tore it up at the baby pool! She bobbled around in her little floaty showing up all the older kids and killing everyone with her ridiculous cuteness. Can't believe after all the hundreds of hours I've spent growing up at that pool, learning to swim, racing, training, spending long afternoons playing with friends, life guarding, and generally causing trouble, I now have my own little one who has the opportunity to explore and enjoy the fun of Village Green. Kind of trips me out a little though ....

The fires in Idaho are really terrible right now so I extended our stay by a couple of days. It will be nice to spend a few more days with Nana and Papa!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Cora experienced her first camping trip a couple weekends ago, and did awesome until night time. Either struggling with the cold, or being over dressed, or freaking out because she was in a strange place, Cora woke us up with a good cry every half hour or so.  

It was exhausting, but so worth it! She will learn soon to become a camping girl :)  I have a feeling there will be many, many more camping trips to come!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cora Loves to Move!

Pooh Bah and Buddy had to leave last week, and we are all very, very sad. It was SO great spending almost everyday together these past couple of months. We all miss you two so much and can't wait to hopefully see you again very soon.

On a happier note, Cora is LOVING her new back pack so we've been trying to take her out on a lot of hikes this summer. Below are a few photos of our hike two weekends ago to Titus Lake. She kicked and laughed almost the entire time until she completely zonked out towards the end.

Cora is also trying really, really hard to walk. She can take a few steps and then falls down, and she loves trying to walk with the help of her little pink walker car!