Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Videos!

Here are a few videos from our adventures this past month! 

Big Girl Bed!

This past weekend we put together a cute white big girl bed for Cora! She loves it and is so proud of it, but it's taking her a bit to adjust to and she constantly climbs out to see us after we put her to bed. But, usually after about 5 times or so of tucking her back in, she finally falls asleep. The cutest thing: when she gets up, instead of opening the door and running out, she knocks on the door a few times before opening it, and then peaks out at us. I think she is warning us of her arrival. She is very proud of her bed and loves it though! 

The past couple of weeks we've also been fighting some colds, but when we've been feeling better we've been going on snowy walks, skiing, playing with friends, painting and playing!

Helping Daddy build her Big Girl Bed!

Painting still life of tulips and bees.

Watching fish at our local little restaurant. 

This is Cora's very first photo! She took it with my phone.

Hanging out in the snow drift with Mom while Daddy takes his turn to ski.

Nutella Jazz Hands!

Waiting impatiently to go play outside. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Italy Ski Weekend!

In celebration of our birthdays, last weekend we went to northern Italy for a long weekend escape. It was just what we needed - sunshine, happy Italians, wonderful food and good skiing with remarkable views. We stayed in a nice hotel in St. Vincent and skied at Cervino, a majestic little resort nestled at the base of the Italian side of the Matterhorn. The skiing was a bit wind blown, but the views made up for it and it was an awesome experience and a very cool birthday gift. Cora's favorite part of the trip was playing in the kid's snow park at the resort and swimming in our hotel pool. Tanner's favorite part was eating all the cured meats the sneaky Italians fed him while they petted and adored him. 

Future photographer?

Oh, and Cora's yellow balloon was also a highlight of her trip.

St. Vincent clock tower.

The Matterhorn!

Swimsuit model. 


Practicing her driving skills.

Brrr ... it was cold up there!

Hanging out in the snow bank.

Playing in one of the most scenic playgrounds in the world.

Back in Schwarzenburg, playing in "Cora's Haus."

Back in Bern for Wednesday play group. And Look! Sun!

Snowy Schwarzenburg.