Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas and skiing!

A very magical Christmas!
We couldn't have asked for a more magical white Christmas in Idaho. Marisa and Mike and Nana and Papa also joined us and it was truly a wonderful time. Cora sledded, built snowmen, skied on Dollar, played with friends and was spoiled with Christmas gifts. No one wanted to leave!

Back in Colorado, Cora has been busy with school three afternoons a week, swimming lessons and gymnastics! She is super busy, but it's good and helps harness some of her endless energy. On the weekends we've been skiing up at Loveland and Cora is getting better everyday. She is still skiing on the magic carpet until she masters stopping and turning. I think by the end of the season she will be zipping around!

Santa was very generous this year!

Idaho sledding!

The Idaho crew. Wish the lighting was better!

Story time with Pooh Bah and Buddy

Cora's two dads?

Cora's first moose!

Koala Crate Crafting!

Playing dress up at the museum! 

Ski tour with Ian and Mae!

Loving her brother, baby narwhal.

Sledding with Benjamin!

Exploring Golden with Arlo.

Headed to the ski lodge with Kai.

Seriously, Super Dad!

Magic carpet ride!

Skiing with mom.

She holds the pole and we go!

Rocking a gaper gap!