Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Steps

This week's been about taking baby steps and getting into the rhythm of our new life.

Cora's completely off schedule and doesn't sleep well at night currently, so Nat and I have been exhausted trying to deal with her, get over our own jet-lag and figure out our new surroundings.

While Nat's been busy at work with sales meetings all week, Cora and I've explored our neighborhood- finding the grocery stores, the bus stops and train station, a couple good little coffee shops (which without more than 4 hours in a row of sleep and without a coffee maker, these adorable coffee shops are a life saver!) and today we explored the nearby forest on our morning run.

Yesterday Cora and I took the bus to the Bern bus station then got on a train to Fribourg to see dad at work. Considering we haven't taken a bus or a train yet, this was quite an adventure! Tromping around and getting lost in a foreign country solo is one thing, but with a needy baby things get a little more complicated. Never thought I'd be running around getting lost in Europe worrying about little baby hands getting too cold or running out of formula or frantically looking all over for misplaced baby shoes which were pulled off in the middle of the train station ....

Overall though, I'm still pretty homesick and really miss my animals, but I know it will get better. And Tanner will hopefully be here in a month or so when Nat's parents come out to help with Cora's surgery (which is still not scheduled yet, but hopefully we will know more next week).

Off to the market now!

Playing in the drapes again, urgh.

Our place is the top left attic. We have the 3 out of 4 pop out windows and the small balcony on the very end.

Cora is getting into EVERYTHING!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello and Goodbye

After an incredibly long couple of weeks and even longer couple of days, we've finally arrived in Bern! The town is pretty adorable, and I surprisingly love our fifth floor apartment, which we like to call our "Penthouse." The crazy amount of stairs hasn't bothered us too much yet, although I foresee either a complete hatred for stairs developing, or perhaps I'll just finally loose that baby weight and be stoked!

Anyway, the last couple of days in Ketchum were incredibly hard- I hate saying goodbye. But, we are finally here and I'm ready to get settled. Cora did well on the plane and is adjusting ok, however, she's having a hard time adjusting to the time zone and isn't sleeping a whole lot at night right now. 

Here are a few photos of our last goodbyes and our new beginnings .... (and don't worry Ketchum friends- I have a feeling we will be back!!).

Last Girls Night at the Tooth for a bit ...

Final Goodbye to the purple couch!

Walking with Dad at Troy and Susie's while they put us up :)

Meeting Olivia Wild Majors! Beautiful girl and Cora's future ski buddy.

Hike to Lookout!

Hiking with Auntie Siobhan!

Visiting Auntie Mollie!

Miss you like Crazy, Zoe.

Playing in the suitcases.

Before she broke the fork ...

La Cab!!

Cora and Auntie Lindsey.

Final Drive By ...  tear ...

Horrible car ride to Kentucky. 

Pooh Bah!

Trying on her devil costume.


And we are off.

Yes, she is riding up an escalator ...

We made it and are enjoying croissants! 

Our new place! We love it! This is the master.

The main room and our balcony.

Balcony view.

Some shots of Bern on my run today.

Cora loves the balcony.