Friday, January 30, 2015

Snowy Switzerland

After a few tough weeks getting settled back into the slow and tedious pace of our European life, we are finally feeling good and are enjoying being back! 

We love all the snow out here in Schwarzenburg (we get significantly more snow out here in our little town then we did living in our last place in the city). We play in the snow almost everyday either on the hill behind our house or up in the mountains with Dad on the weekends. We've also been busy going back to the gym, hippy music class, play groups, birthday parties and play dates! 

Happy girl!

Making snowflakes!

On a Tanner walk.

Skiing with Dad! Cora loved being pulled in her little sled pod.


Icy view from Cora's bedroom window.

Playing on our hill.

Making faces on the train.

Ready (or scared?) for a birthday party!

Hallway explosion!

Waiting for the train in the cold!


January Videos!

This January we've done a lot of skiing ...

Jumping off the couch into the "water" to swim ...

More jumping and swimming ...

Playing in the snow for hours ...

More skiing ...

And some flying too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Readjusting ....

After an amazing month in Colorado and Idaho for the holidays, we are back in grey, lonely Switzerland. Finally emerging from a ten-day jet lag fog, we are slowly working back into our day-to-day activities which is helping us forget that we are incredibly homesick. Well, I should say that I am incredibly homesick - Nat is busy back at work and Cora seems to be doing just fine bouncing happily back into her life abroad! She is a resilient little thing and as long as she has mom and dad, she is happy as can be no matter where in the world we might be! She is also over the moon excited to be back with Tanner, and she is also extremely happy to be cooking back in her adorable kitchen. 

Cora is talking like crazy now, and is a little parrot. It's pretty cool hearing her try to make sentences and have small conversations with us!

We also started going to a fun hippy music class in Bern on Tuesday afternoons and she loves it! She is such a great dancer and has some serious rhythm for a little white girl from Idaho.     

Because I took an overwhelming amount of photos in the states, I am having trouble deciding which ones to post and continue to put that daunting task off for later. That being said, before I get too far behind, below are a few photos since we've returned to Switzerland.

It snowed on Sunday! And the sun was shining too!

Cora's first snowman!