Monday, December 12, 2016

Birthday and Bikes

Last month, Cora Azalea turned FOUR! 

At 32lbs and 3ft 2 in, I can't believe Cora is four! Time is going too fast. Cora is still a wild and hilarious one, with incredible energy that keeps us on our toes everyday. She is also so sweet, kind and loving and we, obviously, love her dearly. We just can't believe she is already four!

Between family and friends, Cora was incredibly fortunate and received many gifts for her birthday, but her favorite was a red, shiny new pedal bike! And within one afternoon of practice with Daddy, she was peddling and riding away! Perhaps some professional biking might be in her future ...

Cora also had a birthday party at our house, which included cupcakes, a bunch of wild kiddos running around and a piñata!  The kids might have been too small for a piñata, but it was hilarious watching them try to break it, and even more fun to watch the dads finally break it. It was a great party and very special to have our family and Colorado friends here to celebrate Cora's first birthday celebration in America.

Still loving her brother!

Grumpy about making Cora stop sucking her fingers.

Hiking with Daddy.

Being a fairy!

Cora's first leaf pile!!

First pumpkin carving! 

The party!

Celebrating at school.

"I'm so Yeti for Christmas!"