Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Bizarre European Circus and Poopy Ice Cream Bribes

Besides a bit of rain here and there, we've been enjoying the warmer weather in our funny little Schwarzenburger Land. Cora's adventures continue, from bike riding, to hiking, to working on that crazy potty training skill (which is going pretty well, most days).

Last Wednesday afternoon, we went to the traveling circus when it popped up down the road in our rainy little town. The great carney event, which smelled of stale booze, sawdust and burnt popcorn, was a bit hilarious, a lot creepy and just plain bizarre. The acts were a terrible conglomeration of racism, awful Swiss-hick pride and nightmarish circus weirdness including: a black man in black face dressed as a rastifarian spinning colorful pans on sticks which jutted out from his pants, oriental "twin" boys (I'm pretty sure they were each from different continents) caressing each other oddly and tossing around porcelain vases while also doing poor karate moves, Swiss cows clad with swiss bells and Swiss flags taking center stage and participating in tricks meant for lions (or ANY other exotic animal), a creepy old man clown who pulled a pair of red lacy panties from his mouth before wrapping them around his head while pretending to be Spiderman, and of course, the poor beautiful Eastern European girl on the trapeze who had bruises all over her body but had (sort of) covered them up with make-up and costume. Also, the Dixie Land Band, consisting of washed out tired musicians who played too loud in the background while the dark skinned, evil circus ring leader leered over each show greedily and gave me the creeps each time I saw him appear from the shadows. 

Honestly, did I time warp into the 1920's??? I do think Cora liked it a bit though, but it was pretty loud and she could only take the noise and I could only take the creepy atmosphere and dirty slap stick humor for about 45 minutes. I doubt I'll ever go to another one-ring Eurotastic circus again, but it was a 30 CHF experience that I just couldn't resist. I just hope Cora will not remember this one, or not blame me for her inevitable fear of perverted clowns.

On a much happier note, last weekend we had a wonderful afternoon and evening in Grindelwald with Nat's Aunt Mary Beth and the adorable Love family, who were there on vacation. Although the hike up behind the Eiger may have been a bit steep, I think they enjoyed the views of the waterfalls and the entrancing glacier. We had a wonderful dinner afterward, despite a minor missing Kiki catastrophe, and really loved getting to know everyone a little better. Cora loved "her kids" and is still talking about them! I only wish we spent more time with them all!

Below are a few photos of the last week or so. Also, Cora decided to wrap up this post with a few words of wisdom (a.k.a her first typing session): 
gjjggggjgjggjgjjjgju    u mu,mgumum,u,muddjdhmdhdjsdkksskkj

New back pack!! Now she can carry her own stuff!

Trip to the market sans car.

No pants Magoo.

Tea party with her friends.

Beautiful Grindelwald!

Happy boy!

The fam on a hike with the Love's and Mary Beth.

Mom's Cora trophy after a tough 10K!

Pit stop.

She loves her bike!!

If anyone has a good caption for this one, please share.

Before the circus.


After getting the hell out of the circus!

The tent!

Dad is in Australia right now, and Cora knows EXACTLY where her daddy is on her new squishy globe and likes to show everyone.

My kiddos.

"Seriously mom, stop taking photos of me!"

We bribe her with ice cream for pooping in the potty. Not a bad bribe because I get one too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Videos

Heavy Weight

Last week Cora had a check-up and weighed in at 25lbs and 2'9"! She is now 10% on the growth chart in weight and 20% in height! Hooray Cora!!

She is strong and healthy, and her mouth is looking good! The doctor was also amazed at her motor and movement skills, and said "She is a very busy, coordinated and strong little girl! You must have your hands full!" Um, yes. Yes indeed!  

Luckily, the weather has been wonderful lately so we have been able to put her tireless energy to good use by swinging, eating ice cream, hiking, swimming, running and playing outside.

Nat had a long weekend off last weekend and we loved spending a lot of time with daddy too, which was fabulous! Here are a few shots from the last week.

Packing on the pounds.

Family pile!

Naked dance parties are her favorite.

She is an amazing little hiker!

She's a nut.

Also, we've now lived in the Haunted Mansion for an entire year! Crazy how time flies.