Friday, August 28, 2015


Our two weeks in late July Idaho seemed like a beautiful dream, but like always, it went far too quickly. And how lucky we are to be able to stay with Buddy and Pooh Bah now when we visit Sun Valley! Nat was able to meet up with us the second week of our visit, which made the visit even more special. Sun Valley was a wonderful balance of spending time with Pooh Bah and Buddy, visiting with all our friends, embarking on a few great hikes and bike rides, soaking in the hot springs, eating incredible meals and relaxing at some of our favorite alpine lakes. 

We miss Idaho so very much, but we feel incredibly lucky to always have our Idahome to welcome us back, as if we had never left. 

Cora's Idaho Trike!

Support Team.

Cora's partner in crime - Catherine Lu!

If these two are like their daddies, I foresee a lot of future trouble-making to be had .


Bigwood River is not swelling.

Such a great deck.

Sand box time with C Lu and the Bristrows.

Picking flowers for Buddy!

Hmmm ... I guess this was the best shot. Buddy, you look great!

My hiking buddy.

Swimming at the YMCA. Cora swam with her face in the water on this visit!

Our old cabin. Sure miss this little house.

Hot springs!

Flattering ice cream photo.

Golf with Pooh Bah.

Story time!

SUP time with Daddy.

Checking out Daddy's new bikes!

Pio trip with the littles.

Until next time ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


On July 1, Cora and I ventured to Colorado. It was Cora's 7th trip across the Atlantic Ocean, pretty crazy for a two and a half year old! She is quite the world travel bug. The flight was good, but exhausting and long, as usual. It's much easier now though that she focuses well on television shows, movies and iPad games. I also let her wear her Hello Kitty pajamas (yes, I'm that crazy mom), which made the trip extra special. 

We were incredibly excited to see Nana and Papa when we arrived! Always so wonderful to spend time with the best parents in the world in one of my favorite places in the world :) Between seeing family, we managed to see quite a few friends as well, but it seemed there was never enough time to see everyone. 

Uncle Mike arrived soon after to acclimate for a bike race and a few days later Cindy, Terry, Michael, Brad and Jen came to visit (Laura had to work so stayed home). It was quite a full house but so much fun. We set off fire works, went to the pool, went hiking ate some delicious food, and of course, played a lot with Cora. I'm sad I didn't get as many photos of the Beahm's as I had intended- I must have had a cloudy jet lagged brain!!  

Marisa arrived for the week of her 30th birthday week which was awesome. We had a celebration for her in Denver which was a great party! We LOVED spending time with our favorite aunt, who is just so much fun :) 

And to add MORE to our packed visit, Elaine, Rick, Michael and Jessica came as well, and we loved spending time with them too!!  

Our trip home was so wonderful, but like always, it went incredibly too fast ... there is so much more to add, but I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story! 

Little travel bug.

Playing at the beer garden!

Cindy is so much fun!

Happy Birthday, and 4th of July, Brad! 

Great chauffeur!
Hanging out with Papa.

Papa teaching Cora how to garden!

Rattlesnakes at Horsetooh!
Brad, Jen and Bentley!
Ruben and Porter! So happy I had a quick chance to visit these guys.
Clara and Cora ... the next generation of trouble!

Our girls are so embarrassed by us already! HAHAHA!

My girls with our girls!
Fun with bubbles and Aunt Marisa!!


The Roths!

Tree climber!

I think she's going to be a hat girl.

Hanging out in Avon.

Happy Birthday Marisa!

Pretty certain she's my child.

Watermelon monster.

Cousin Pollock!

Ghost horse!

Happy Birthday Papa!

Fun at the museum!

Thanks for a fun time Colorado! We will be back soon!