Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Blur

January was a bit of a blur, mainly due to jet lag and the exhausting feat of trying to get back into our Swiss routine. Now that it's finally February, we feel much more grounded, rested and organized. But, we did manage to squeeze in some fun while we were acclimating back! 

Afternoon walk in the snow around Schwarzenburg.

Playing in the mirror room at the museum with Kristina.

Walking around Bern, watching the bears watch us.

Cheese Fondue vending machine at the base of a ski slope! Ha!

Hanging out at the base while dad skis some laps.

Helping mom cook!

Desperately missing daddy's night time help (he's been away in Denver for a bit).

Running laps around the castle.

Checking out Bern town.
Showing off her new hand made apron!! Thanks Laura!

Coffee/milk date before music class!

Waiting for dad to get the car. Brr! 

Story time with Daddy is the best.

Being cute with baby Hamish.

Little fish!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas Videos

As always, I wish I would have taken more videos, but here are a few:

Idaho Christmas!

Over Christmas we were very lucky to have spent almost two full weeks in snowy Idaho! Nat's parents recently bought a beautiful house in Hailey and we all had a fantastic time staying with them. We skied almost everyday, sledded, watched bunnies, celebrated Christmas and rang in the new year in Sun Valley style with all our buddies and Nat's family. It was a truly wonderful two weeks and I can't wait to be back, hopefully soon!

Daddy made it out for the whole time too!

View from Buddy and Pooh Bah's front door.


Coco and candles!

Magical Christmas morning!

Cora only wanted a watch and keys from Santa this year!

But she also got an awesome sled!!

As well as an adorable puppy!

And lots of other great stuff! 

 Gorgous backyard view!

Playing Frozen.

Actually frozen. 

Mom skiing Baldy.

Cora and Siobhan's darling new puppy.

Galena with Pooh Bah.

Sledding with Cameron!

Idahome. We miss you already!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Washington D.C. and Colorado!

Cora and I spent an entire month in America for Christmas this year, visiting DC, Ohio, Colorado and Idaho. It was a terrific time and we were so happy our travels and visits all went very well and we all had a GREAT time. We loved seeing the Baus family in Ohio, spending time playing in the snow with the grandparents in both Colorado and Idaho, and visiting museums with Aunt Marisa in DC! Cora was also spoiled rotten with Christmas gifts at each stop along the way! Here is a recap in photos from D.C. and Colorado (Idaho coming soon ...).

Washington D.C.

On our way!
D.C. Zoo Lights, across the street from Marisa's apartment. 

Ok, this is in Ohio but was so cute that I had to add it!

Cora's first Christmas of the journey!

Art gazers!

I can't wait until we are all back together again!



We visited with Tina, Ruben and adorable Porter!
Papa teaching Cora about brewing! 

Colorado Christmas!

Swiss Playmobil set! 

SO nice to drive around town in our old car! Didn't miss the train at all!

Lots of sleeping from jet lag! 
Bubble box at the Children's Museum in Denver.

Playing with Charlie!

Clara and Cora!

Exploring Christmas Lights!

Cora's very first movie! It was a Peanuts movie, and she loved it!

Lots of playing on the window seat.

Kitchen camping with Papa!

More snow!  

ANOTHER Christmas, with very nice gifts from the Beahms!

One last fill of delicious Mexican food before our departure!
The dreaded good-bye.

Waiting for Cora's ninth trip across the Atlantic. Crazy life she leads.